Southern Colorado Business Partnership

Why Southern Colorado?

Low cost of living, high quality of life and a business climate that is right for your business. Learn more
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About Us:

Our Mission:
The Southern Colorado Business Partnership is an organization comprised of multiple community partners working collectively in the pursuit of regional economic betterment with a shared voice, mission and focus.

Our Focus
• Legislative/Public Policy
• Military Support
• Business Advocacy
• Community Building
• Intraregional Communication and Collaboration
Our Values
• Increase awareness to and participation by business and chamber members through out the region
• Better utilization of the business resources of the region
• Assist in the promotion of business in the region
• Demonstrate measurable results to the community
• Retention for business in the region
• Provide ALL regional business with a resource of value
• Assume our rightful place as a credible and relevant business entity
• Recognize and respected voice on business issues within the community and with elected officials.

Our Voice
• Scaleable voice of over 5,000 business and 150,000 employees
• Mobilize our constituency
• Bring People together
Regional betterment with a shared voice, mission and focus.